1.4.1 Command Line

The easiest is to run a Job is to use the command line in a command window, also called DOS Shell.

To open a DOS shell, in Windows Explorer (WE) select the folder (but do not go into it). Holding the SHIFT key > right click > Open command window here. A black window appears. This is the DOS shell. Commands can be typed next to the symbol >. Abaqus™ is excuted by typing the command abaqus followed by options. A list of available options is given below. Items surrounded by [square brackets] are optional. Items surrounded by brackets are mandatory. Only one of the items separated by | can be chosen in each bracketed group.

To get help at the command line

abaqus  {help | information={environment | local | memory | 
    release | support | system | all} [job=job-name] | whereami}

Abaqus™ execution options

abaqus job=job-name  
    [analysis | datacheck | parametercheck | continue | 
    convert={select | odb | state | all} | recover | 
    syntaxcheck | information={environment | local | 
    memory | release | support | system | all}]
    [user={source-file | object-file}]
    [fil={append | new}]
    [globalmodel={results file-name | 
    output database file-name}] 
    [parallel={domain | loop}] 
    [mp_mode={mpi | threads}]
    [standard_parallel={all | solver}]
    [gpu={NVIDIA | OFF}]
    [interactive | background | queue=[queue-name]
    [double={explicit | both | off | constraint}]
    [output_precision={single | full}]
    [field={odb | exodus | nemesis}]
    [history={odb | csv}]
    [port=co-simulation port-number] 
    [host=co-simulation hostname]
    [listenerport=Co-Simulation Engine listener
    [remoteconnections=Co-Simulation Engine remote
    connection host:port-number] 
    [timeout=co-simulation timeout value in seconds]
    [unconnected_regions={yes | no}]
    [ask_delete=OFF] #avoid annoying message <old job file exists>

Python command line execution

    abaqus python  [script-file]

Parametric studies

abaqus script  
    [=script-file] [startup=startup file-name] [noenvstartup]

HTML documentation

    abaqus doc

Licensing utilities

    abaqus licensing  [lmstat | lmdiag | lmpath | lmtools]

Fetching sample input files

    abaqus fetch  job=job-name [input=input-file]

Making user-defined executables and subroutines

abaqus make  {job=job-name | library=source-file}
    [user={source-file | object-file}]
    [object_type={fortran | c | cpp}]

Job execution control

If a Job is taking too long, do not terminate it using Windows Task manager. Use terminate instead, as follows:

    abaqus {suspend | resume | terminate}  job=job-name