2.2 Create a Reference Point

A reference point (RP) is needed, for example, to create a rigid body motion constraint (section 6.1). To create an RP,

Module:  Part
Menu:    Tools, Reference Point, 
             #select point by mouse pick or entering coordinates at bottom of WS

It’s done. It shows on the Part, as a cross withe the label RP. To double check, expand Models, Parts, Features, on the left menu tree. The RP is a feature of the Part.


\includegraphics[width=\textwidth ]{./AbqImages/LeftTreeRP.PNG}


# create reference point (RP)
    Part.vertices.findAt((ShellDimension, ShellDimension/2., 0.0), ))
# create set to refer to the RP
# referencePoints[] has to be adjusted for each model :( bad.
Part.Set(name='Set-RP', referencePoints=(Part.referencePoints[5], ))