2.1 Create a Set

Sets are used to group entities, such as nodes, into sets, and assign a label to them. Later you can apply an operation, such as applying a boundary condition, to the whole set by referring to its label. There are many applications for Sets. To create a Set,

Module:	Part
Menu:    Tools, Set, Create, Continue,
             #select geometry for the set (pick lines, etc.),
Done     #at bottom of the WS

You can pick points, lines, areas, etc. By holding the SHIFT key, you can pick several entities. Once you hit Done, everything that was selected goes into this Set.


\includegraphics[width=.5\textwidth ]{./AbqImages/CreateSet.PNG} \includegraphics[width=.5\textwidth ]{./AbqImages/SelectDone.PNG}


# LoadEgde set on right edge to later tie to RP
    Part.edges.findAt(((ShellDimension, ShellDimension/3., 0.0), 
    ), ((ShellDimension, ShellDimension*2./3., 0.0), ), ), name='LoadEgde')