9 Textile composites

The Textile Composites chapter contains most, if not all, of the formulas and algorithms described in Chapter Fabrics of the textbook. This chapter is about a single lamina reinforced with a textile fabric. Here you can calculate the moduli, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), coefficient of moisture expansion (CME), and density of a lamina reinforced with textiles. Also, you can predict the strength of such lamina.

Once you have calculated the properties of such lamina, you can use it to build laminates containing combinations of all types of laminas (unidirectional, random, fabric, and experimental) and to analyze them in all the chapters, including Macromechanics, Strength, Damage, Thin Walled Beams and Stiffened Panels. A separate chapter is devoted to fabrics because they are more complicated than unidirectional laminas dealt with in chapter Micromechanics.

To predict properties of a textile lamina, first you have to define it in My Documents, as explained next.