1 Welcome

\includegraphics[]{./Images/favicon.png} CADEC Release 14 is a web application implementing the latest in Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC). A very brief summary of CADEC’s features is available in Wikipedia.

CADEC is available in English, Español, Português, and Farsi.

To use CADEC, the first thing you must do is to use your browser to access cadec-online.com. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

At the welcoming screen, on the left menu tree (as it can be seen in Figure 1.1), click Account \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/MyAccount.png} then click on Signup to register for an account on CADEC’s server. The form is self explanatory, except for what group to join, which is explained in Subscriptions.


Figure 1.1: CADEC’s left menu tree.