6.8 Lamina-in-laminate stress

On the tree view, expanding Macromechanics as in Figure 6.1 reveals icons for strain $\epsilon $ and stress $\sigma $. The $\sigma $ link expands into two pages, one displays the stress in laminate c.s. (x, y, z) and the other in lamina c.s. (1, 2, 6).

The page for lamina stresses in laminate c.s. is shown next:

The page includes selection boxes for Laminate, Shell Load, and Environment. CADEC does calculations according to those selections. Then, you can select the component of stress to be plotted. You can change the values in all the input fields, but remember that these changes are not saved on the Shell Load and Environment objects. These changes are local to this page. If you want to commit the changes permanently, you have to go to My Documents to do it.

The plot displays Mechanical, Hygrothermal, and Total (Mechanical + Hygrothermal) stress, for the component that you selected, through the thickness of the laminate. You can download numerical values for all components of stress simultaneously with the ToExcel button at the bottom of the page.