2 My Documents

\includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/MyDocuments.png} My Documents holds the properties of the objects that you create, such as fibers, matrices, laminas, laminates, loads, sections, and so on.

Each chapter calculates properties for some objects as a function of its constituent objects. For example, to calculate the longitudinal modulus $E_1$ of a unidirectional lamina (using Micromechanics), first you need to enter properties for the fiber and the matrix. But rather than repeatedly entering those properties for each problem you solve, in CADEC you enter them once. They are saved in the database and you can use them for many, many calculations, anytime.

For example, all your fibers are organized in My Fibers. When you click on My Fibers, you get the Summary table with all the fibers you have in your database.

In addition, the object lamina will have its own fiber volume fraction $V_ f$, which you enter in My Laminas. Now login to cadec-online.com and expand My Documents (by clicking the \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/expand.png} sign), so that you can locate MyLaminas.

You can sort the tables by increasing or decreasing values of any column. Just click on the column heading that you want.