2.2 My Matrices

\includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/Matrix.png} Matrices are at ground zero of the hierarchy of objects. These are basic objects. You must enter their properties, just like you did for Fibers.

You can Edit an object by clicking the icon \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/edit.png} on the left of of the object’s entry in the summary table. All derived objects that use properties of the edited object will change accordingly (more on this later).

You can Add an object by clicking on the icon \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/new.png} displayed on the first object of the summary table.

You can delete an object by clicking on the trash can \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/delete.png}. All derived objects that depend on the deleted element will be deleted, but you will be warned before that happens.

It would seem that you cannot delete the first item on the table; it does not have a trash can. But you can sort the table by any column, such as Name, just by clicking on the column heading. One click sorts it in ascending order. The next click sorts it the other way. Thus, you can expose the first item for deletion.

To Add or Edit an object’s properties you access it from the Summary table:

Now you either add a fiber with \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/new.png} or edit an existing fiber with \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/edit.png}. Either of those buttons will open the Edit Fiber page where you can add/change the object’s properties, and Save it with \includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/save.png}. If you entered some unacceptable values, CADEC will warn you.