2.8 My Section Loads

\includegraphics[width=14pt]{./Images/SectionLoad.png} My Section Loads holds sets of loads applied to beams.

These are actual loads and moments applied to a beam. CADEC can deal with beams subjected to two-plane bending (see §3.10 in Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design).

If you can specify the loads directly from a bending $M_ z, M_ y,$ shear $V_ y, V_ z,$ and torque $M_ x$ diagrams, CADEC will analyze one location x along the axis of the beam at a time. The coordinate system is illustrated in Figure 10.2.

Say the maximum bending moment (off the bending moment diagram) is $M_ z=1000\; N\; mm$ and at the same location x the shear is $F_ y=100\; N$ and the torque is $T=M_ x=10\; N\; mm$. Then, the Edit Section Load page will look like this: