9.2 Results textile lamina

Results for fabric laminas are not immediately available upon creation/update. Instead they are assigned to a queue for processing.

Once you save the fabric lamina, CADEC starts to process it but it may take up to 60 seconds for the calculations to be done. In the meantime you can do other things if you want. Coffee anyone? Anyway, the Sumary table will say Processing now! to warn you that CADEC is busy calculating your textile lamina, as shown here:

Once the calculation is done, it will say Ready to use. At any point you can go to Chapters, Textile composites and select your Lamina from the dropbox to see the results. If CADEC is done, it will sow this:

Pretty amazing, uhh? If you know of any other software that can calculate all these properties for plain weave, twill, and satin, please let me know!

For comparison between predicted and experimental values see [2, Tables 9.6–8] and [1].