7 Strength

The Strength chapter contains most, if not all, of the formulas and algorithms in chapter Strength of the textbook. Here you can calculate the First Ply Failure load (FPF), Last Ply Failure load (LPF), investigate what mode is triggered when FPF and LPF occur, try out different failure criteria, and so on. Of course, you need previously defined Laminates, Shell Loads, and Environments to do this. In other words, you need objects to work on. You define the objects in My Documents.

The left menu tree contains just 3 links for Strength: Intact Material, Degraded Material, and Truncated Maximum Strain.

The first ply failure (FPF) load multiplier is calculated in Intact material. The last ply failure (LPF) load multiplier is calculated in Degraded material.

CADEC can use a number of failure criteria to calculate the strength of laminates in the Intact Material and Degraded Material pages. Truncated Maximum Strain is an entirely different failure criteria, so it has its own page.