1.1 Subscriptions

We have three types of subscriptions:

Demo. The Demo group allows you to test drive CADEC without a commitment. Your subscription is free and remains active for 30 days. Approval is automatic and immediate. You can upgrade to Premium before the 30-days are up by contacting the Administrator.

Academic. The Academic subscription is free and remains active for as long as you maintain your university affiliation (and we are financially able to maintain the server running). Currently, to register as Academic you need an e-mail address containing .edu, such as John@university.edu or Jose@university.edu.ar, and so on. Approval is automatic and immediate. If you are formally affiliated with an academic institution but your university-provided e-mail address does not contain .edu in it, you can join in as Demo; then, when contacted by our Administrator, explain the situation and, after some research to verify your identity, you can be switched to an Academic subscription.

Premium. The Premium group is for paying customers. Approval requires one of our human Administrators to evaluate your request, so it is not immediate.

Once your subscription is approved, you can log in.