2.3.1 Unidirectional laminas.

Unidirectional laminas are derived from fiber and matrix objects. In addition they have intrinsic properties such as fiber volume fraction $V_ f$ and so on. You choose what fiber and matrix you want to use for the lamina. Then enter the intrinsic properties for the lamina. Some intrinsic properties are populated with default values, which you can change. If you don’t know some values you can set them to zero until you learn what those properties are and what calculations they affect. Do not enter fake values because you will forget and later think that those are actual values. Either enter zero or a value that you can reference to a source. You will always know what you need for a given calculation because the calculation pages (located under Chapters) will tell you what properties are being used.

Once you enter the fiber, matrix, and intrinsic properties, the remaining properties of the lamina, such as all the moduli and all the strength values are calculated by methods described in chapter Micromechanics of the textbook.

The output results are explained in Unidirectional micromechanics results.