1.9 Units

CADEC uses SI units. The units of every data input and every result are displayed next to the corresponding field. You do not have to worry about coherent systems or unit conversions. Only pay attention to what units CADEC wants for data input, and in what units the results are displayed. The units chosen vary according to the type of data in an attempt to make the values easy to remember. For example, moduli are expected in GPa but strength are expected in MPa. This is reasonable if you consider that T300/914C Carbon/Epoxy prepreg yields a composite with a transverse modulus of 11 GPa and a transverse tensile strength 27 MPa. We did not want to write the modulus as 11,000 MPa or the strength as 0.027 GPa. Don’t worry. Unit conversions are handled internally. Just pay attention to the unit labels next to the values.