1.10 About

CADEC comes to you thanks to the effort of several dedicated people whom are recognized in the acknowledgments section of the software. Special recognition is given to Fernando A. Cosso who was instrumental in the development of both release 12 [6] and the current release 14. None of this would have been possible without his contribution.

This document is developed on a DELL XPS laptop running Windows 7. It was typed using TexWorks, typeset with LaTeX and the MikTeX compiler, and converted to HTML using plasTeX version 0.9.3 downloaded from github. plasTeX requires the Python Imaging Library (PIL).

The Website is set up using MS Visual Studio 2010 and published to a DELL T110 server running Windows server 2008.

The document is typeset using font Verdana (sans-serif) by modifying plasTeX CCS style sheet (for the default Theme) as follows:

p { font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;}

A site-only search box was added to the default Theme.