10.3 Forces & Moments


As explained in My Documents/My Section Loads, and shown in Figure 10.2, you can specify the torque $M_ x$, bending moments $M_ z,M_ y$, axial force $F_ x$ and shear forces $V_ y,V_ z$ at any locatin x by reading values directly from shear and bending moment diagrams. However, you can offset each shear loads to any distance x,y,z from 0,0,0 of the origin, as you wish. When you do that, intentionally or because the C.G. and/or C.S. are not at 0,0,0, the forces produce additional moments. CADEC computes all of them and reports them on this page.

In this example, the load shown below produces a torque=-100 and a bending moment=1000 (see figure above) because the load is entered in user coordinates at 10,0,1, as shown below: